Strong Community Relations are essential for conducting valuable public opinion research and a vital component for organizations looking to take themselves to a new level of excellence.

Kandi Reyes & Associates is experienced in preparing community outreach strategies for major corporations, government agencies, and universities seeking greater participation in the emerging Latino community.

Owner Kandi Reyes has advised political campaigns and businesses on public relations as well as the development and implementation of outreach programs. KRA has a vivid understanding of the media, and has coordinated educational exchanges and major international conferences.

Community Relations serves a variety of business and diplomatic functions. KRA has detailed experience in virtually every social scenario. In an increasingly multi-cultural world “language translation” is a fundamental service KRA provides. In addition to “verbatim”
translations, it is Kandi Reyes’s ability to accurately
convey concepts, ideas, and “cultural” meanings that
separates KRA from the competition. KRA has provided
priceless information to countless institutions looking to
enhance their position in a competitive marketplace.

Strategic business solutions, satisfied clients, and a track record of excellence.